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Allen & Page Hacking Mix Allen & Page Hacking Mix
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�More than a low energy mix but not over the top. �A medium energy muesli mix, with real mint and garlic. �Includes Protexin and prebiotics for a healthy balance of gut flora. Not just for hacking! With higher levels of oil and fibre and low starch. Hacking Mix is the ideal choice for active leisure horses or novice competition horses, perhaps doing 1-1.5 hours a day, regular hacking, schooling or…
Baileys Every Day High Fibre Mix Baileys Every Day High Fibre Mix
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Everyday High Fibre Mix is a high fibre, low energy coarse mix ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work. The appetising blend of natural ingredients includes digestible fibre sources, for non-heating energy, and is free from whole oats to help avoid �fizzy� behaviour. Increased levels of oil support healthy skin and promote a glossy coat and the mix is fully balanced with vitamins and…
Baileys No 8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric Baileys No 8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric
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No.8 Meadow Sweet with honey Meadow Sweet with honey is a high fibre, low energy mix ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work. Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals, it contains Baileys Alfalfa Blend chaff which provides a delicious digestible source of fibre, for non-heating energy, as well as quality protein for tissue development and repair. Free from whole oats, the…
D & H High Fibre Mix (Leisure Mix) D & H High Fibre Mix (Leisure Mix)
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Formulated to be fed in low intakes Leisure Mix provides the perfect solution for good doers in light work or at rest. High in digestible fibre, this appetising muesli mix is low in starch and cereals (oat free) to control energy and calorie levels. The fibre and oil content provides correct energy in a slow releasing form which is ideal for maintaining an even temperament and minimising excitabil…
D & H Pasture Mix D & H Pasture Mix
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Pasture Mix is the UK�s leading horse feed product, providing good all-round nutrition. Oat free / non-heating. Magnesium to promote an even temperament. High in biotin to help improve hoof and coat condition. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support joint mobility as well as skin and coat condition. This universal feed contains a blend of wholesome cooked cereals which are highly digestible and provi…
Pegasus Minty Mix Pegasus Minty Mix
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Pegasus Mix is our best selling Mix. Oil 2.5% Protein 9% Fibre 19% Ash 7% Added Vitamins and Minerals.
Wessex Horse & Pony Mix Wessex Horse & Pony Mix
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