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Baileys No 15 Senior Mix Baileys No 15 Senior Mix
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As a horse gets older his digestive system becomes less efficient so he may no longer obtain the full nutritional benefit from the feed he gets. If you notice that your older horse is not looking quite as good as he used to on his current diet, it could be time to step up to a specially formulated feed, like Senior Mix. This provides readily digestible, non-heating calories so should promote a lit…
Baileys No 8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric Baileys No 8 Meadow Sweet with Turmeric
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No.8 Meadow Sweet with honey Meadow Sweet with honey is a high fibre, low energy mix ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate work. Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals, it contains Baileys Alfalfa Blend chaff which provides a delicious digestible source of fibre, for non-heating energy, as well as quality protein for tissue development and repair. Free from whole oats, the…
Baileys No 9 Competition Mix Baileys No 9 Competition Mix
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A highly digestible oat-based competition mix for horses and ponies in moderate to hard work. Provides a combination of energy sources, including oil and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.
Balanced Show Mix Balanced Show Mix
Show Mix is the original fibre based conditioning feed designed to aid weight gain, promote extra condition and provide that show ring shine. Show Mix is a low starch feed, so energy is provided from slow release sources like fibre and oil to help avoid the behavioural problems that can be associated with high cereal feeds. Show Mix contains a blend of long fibre sources carefully hand selected fr…
Classic Veteran Mix Classic Veteran Mix
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D & H Pasture Mix D & H Pasture Mix
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Pasture Mix is the UK�s leading horse feed product, providing good all-round nutrition. Oat free / non-heating. Magnesium to promote an even temperament. High in biotin to help improve hoof and coat condition. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support joint mobility as well as skin and coat condition. This universal feed contains a blend of wholesome cooked cereals which are highly digestible and provi…
D & H Sixteen Plus Mix D & H Sixteen Plus Mix
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In the later years of life your horse or pony may find it increasingly difficult to maintain condition and weight. Sixteen Plus Mix provides a solution in the form of an extremely palatable mix for the retired or active veteran that needs some additional support. The ideal combination of high fibre, oil and good quality protein ensures that your horse will receive all the nutritional support to en…
Dodson & Horrell Competition Mix Dodson & Horrell Competition Mix
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Competition Mix Quick release energy for power and performance Traditional grain based performance feed to support horses competing and in need of additional fast releasing carbohydrates. Provides key amino acids to support muscle development and repair. Includes electrolytes to help replace losses that occur as part of regular training. Fully balanced feed including chelated minerals for optimum…
Dodson & Horrell Staypower Muesli Dodson & Horrell Staypower Muesli
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* Instant energy cereal based mix * Supports natural recovery patterns with the replacement of glycogen post exercise * Utilises a variety of energy pathways to optimise power generation * 'Super-Fibre' inclusion to support controlled performance * A unique 'Apple Flavouring' to maintain palatability * Precise inclusion of recommended Live Yeast to support gut flora health * High quality protein t…
Hilight Improver Mix Hilight Improver Mix
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Keep Calm Keep Calm
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Keep Calm is a fully balanced high fibre feed designed to provide non-heating energy to maintain condition, whilst helping encourage a calm temperament. Its unique combination of Speedi-Beet and soya hulls supplies a high proportion of easily digestible “superfibres” and, along with additional natural fibre sources, means the overall starch and sugar contents are kept remarkably low. With quality…
Saracen Cooling Mix Saracen Cooling Mix
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This is a top quality mix especially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of horses and ponies which tend to become unmanageable on other feeds. This ration has been formulated to source energy from High Digestible Fibre, a more natural form of energy, and vegetable oil to give sustained energy release without fizz. Oats have been specifically excluded from the ration. Micronised barley…
Wessex Horse & Pony Mix Wessex Horse & Pony Mix
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