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Miscellaneous Range

Dengie LiteLick Garlic(8kg) Dengie LiteLick Garlic(8kg)
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LiteLicks are the ideal way to supply a top up of vitamins and minerals with very low levels of sugar to keep your horse healthy and in perfect condition. LiteLick Garlic contains garlic for its natural fly repellent properties.
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Key Features of Pure Grass Flexible Feeding – suitable to use as a complete or partial hay replacer or extender to provide more enrichment in the stable as well as bulking out your horse’s bucket feed Harvested Early – to ensure it is highly digestible, making it sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system Free From – artificial flavours, preservatives, alfalfa, molasses, straw and coatings Natura…
Dodson & Horrell Just Grass Dodson & Horrell Just Grass
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12.5 kg A high temperature dried natural grass for adding to concentrate feed or using as a partial forage replacer. Containing no added molasses and high in fibre, Just Grass encourages chewing and saliva production, which helps to buffer the acid in the stomach. Made up of a blend of grasses including timothy, fescue and perennial ryegrass, Just Grass is grown locally to Dodson & Horrell and to…
Graze-On Graze-On
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GRAZE-ON is made from home-grown grass, harvested at a highly nutritious stage of growth. The grass is rapidly high temperature dried within a few hours of leaving the field meaning that all the freshness and goodness is sealed into the end product, and any moulds or spores are killed. GRAZE-ON therefore has a feed value virtually identical to fresh grass. Typical Analysis (as fed): Protein: 16% O…
Himalayan Salt Lick Himalayan Salt Lick
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Himalayan salt licks NAF Himalayan Crystal Salt Licks provides 100% pure, natural rock salt. Feeding instructions: Hang at a safe height within easy reach of your horse
Molasses 5L Molasses 5L
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Molasses Helps to increase the palatability of feed. Feeding Instructions: Feed 1 to 3 tablespoons per day
Pure Feed Linseed Pure Feed Linseed
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Pure Linseed is unique in our range as it contains nothing but linseed. It is high in slow-release calories and protein and can be fed alongside any other Pure feed. It is the perfect top-up for horses that need extra help maintaining condition or an extra source of slow-release energy. You feed it straight from the bag with no need to soak or boil, making it super convenient.
Readigrass Readigrass
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ReadiGrass is a 100% natural feed, with all the goodness of ryegrass pastures captured in every bag. Made exclusively from British pastures, the unique low-temperature drying process removes the water, but leaves the fragrant grass aroma, vibrant colour and most importantly the high nutrient value of fresh grass. This gives a feed that is more nutritious than hay yet still contains the digestible…
Saracen Pasture Lick Saracen Pasture Lick
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Saracen Pasture-Lick is a unique vitamin and mineral lick intended to supplement the diet of horses and ponies fed forage and balance any mineral deficiencies within their diets.
Saturday special Horslyx Garlic Saturday special Horslyx Garlic
Feed all Year Round Feed Garlic Horslyx all year round for it�s general health benefits. How can Garlic Horslyx help your horse or pony? � Provides an easy, palatable way to feed your horse garlic, all year round � Balances nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing � Reduces boredom and stress � Weatherproof � can be used in stable or field � Feed in the summer to deter biting insects. � Contain…
Saturday special Horslyx Original Saturday special Horslyx Original
All Horslyx products contain: � The Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package, which is ideal for balancing nutrient deficiencies in forage and grazing � Powerful anti-oxidants to support a healthy immune system � A high oil content for healthy skin and coat � Biotin, zinc and methionine for healthy hooves How can Horslyx help your horse or pony? � Balances nutrient def…
Saturday special Horslyx Respiratory Saturday special Horslyx Respiratory
Respiratory Horslyx works in two ways: Firstly menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed help keep airways clear of mucus, which help the horse breathe more easily, reduce respiratory irritation and dramatically reduce stress. Secondly, the Horslyx high specification vitamin, mineral and trace element package including generous levels of the powerful antioxidants selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, together…
Wrenns Layer Pellets Wrenns Layer Pellets
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