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A & P Calm and Condition A & P Calm and Condition
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Calm and Condition For Topline Without The Barley The barley-free feed for horses and ponies who need to put on condition, while staying calm. Ideal for horses or ponies that �hot-up� on normal conditioning feeds. Protexin helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Formulated without barley or oats, Calm & Condition is a pelleted feed for horses who need to put on condition, but remain calm. It is…
Baileys No 4 Topline Cubes Baileys No 4 Topline Cubes
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Top Line Conditioning Cubes deserve their reputation as the most popular and effective fully balanced conditioning feed on the market. Barley-free and based on micronised wheat, the cubes are non-heating and highly digestible and are renowned for restoring lost condition without blowing horses� minds. They provide excellent quality protein, which is vital for developing muscle tone and real top li…
D & H Build Up Cubes D & H Build Up Cubes
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Build-Up Cubes are high in fibre and oil and have been specifically formulated for horses and ponies that need to gain top line and condition. Slow releasing energy sources, combined with highly digestible cooked cereals help promote condition without the risk of excitability.
D & H classic Fibre cubes D & H classic Fibre cubes
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High Fibre Nuts are a low calorie feed packed with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal feed for horses and ponies at grass or in light work. Containing high levels of vitamins and minerals High Fibre Nuts guarantee that your horse is receiving a balanced and nutritious diet. High Fibre Nuts are suitable for laminitics
Dengie Grass Pellets Dengie Grass Pellets
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Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus CUbes Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus CUbes
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Sixteen Plus Cubes For the older horse or pony showing signs of aging or weight loss, Sixteen Plus Cubes are approved and fed by The Veteran Horse Society. The cubes have been specifically formulated using international studies on the nutritional requirements of the older horse. Sixteen Plus Cubes are: • High calorie to minimise and prevent against weight loss • High fibre, high oil, low sugar and…
Dodson & Horrell Stay Power Cubes Dodson & Horrell Stay Power Cubes
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ith a unique formulation of high fibre, micromanaged cereals and high oil, Staypower Cubes are perfect for providing a controlled and slow releasing fuel, even for horses with sensitive digestive systems. Our Staypower Cubes differ slightly from Staypower Muesli. Staypower Cubes are slightly lower in starch, so are ideal for excitable or fizzy horses, or those with sensitive digestive systems. * I…
Graze on Grass Pellets Graze on Grass Pellets
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Northern Crop Driers Ltd. have been producing grass pellets for use in horse rations and general animal feeds for 30 years. The standard product is a 6mm diameter grass nut with 16% protein, but the company also offer a 5mm diameter grass nut for use with smaller animals. A unique blend of grasses is used by Northern Crop Driers to produce their grass nuts. This blend is made up of the following g…
Saracen Cooling Pencils Saracen Cooling Pencils
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Horse & Pony Cooling Pencils are also ideal for animals that are wintered out for some of the time. The grass that is available is very high in fibre and fairly indigestible, and much of the hay made today is of fairly low quality. Your horse/pony is likely to be suffering from a shortage of protein, vitamins and minerals. Using Saracen Horse & Pony Cooling Pencils can help rectify this shortage.
Saracen Veteran Pencils Saracen Veteran Pencils
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Saracen Veteran Pencils are manufactured so that they are softer than other traditional nuts or pencils, whilst still being dust free. This will help horses which have trouble chewing, due to poor teeth. For horses with very bad teeth problems, the pencils can be soaked to produce an easily eaten mash.
Show Improver Pencils Show Improver Pencils
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Saracen Show Improver Pencils are a unique conditioning feed suitable for all types of horses and ponies. Firstly it is produced to a barley free recipe to help manage those horses that may have an intolerance to barley. In addition, the use of our special Super Fibre sources enables the diet to remain calorie dense while at the same time achieving a lower starch content than found in traditional…
Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes Spillers Digest+ Conditioning Cubes
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SPILLERS� Conditioning Feeds are the ultimate bodybuilding feeds, ideal for horses and ponies that tend to be excitable on traditional conditioning feeds. SPILLERS� Conditioning Cubes & SPILLERS� Conditioning Mix are almost identical in their formulation, but we recognise some horses and ponies have a preference for either cubes or mix so we have made both forms available.
Spillers Horse & Pony Cubes Spillers Horse & Pony Cubes
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SPILLERS� Horse and Pony Cubes are the original and the best non-heating* cube, low in cereal starch. The formulation now benefits from the addition of magnesium, known for its calming properties Also contains an excellent vitamin and mineral formulation support package for long-term well-being
Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes Spillers Response Slow Release Energy Cubes
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SPILLERS RESPONSE� Slow Release Energy Feeds are ideal for excitable horses that need both control and power.
Top Spec Cool Conditioning Cubes Top Spec Cool Conditioning Cubes
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Wessex Horse & Pony Cubes Wessex Horse & Pony Cubes
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