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Balancer Range

Baileys No 14 Lo-Cal Baileys No 14 Lo-Cal
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Lo-Cal balancer is a nutrient dense pellet containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well being but with a minimal carbohydrate (calorie) content. Its quality protein provides the essential amino acids required to build and repair muscle and other tissues whilst Yea Sacc1026 stimulates fibre digesting bacteria, helping to improve gut efficiency. The superior vitamin and mineral content p…
Blue Chip Lami Light Blue Chip Lami Light
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The Diet Feed Balancer � Low calorie for overweight equines � For ponies prone to laminitis � Incorporates a hoof supplement � Recommended by nutritionists, vets and farriers � 100% natural ingredients
Blue Chip Original Blue Chip Original
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The Trusted Feed Balancer � For all horses and ponies � Enhances condition. Temperament, topline, coat and hooves � Maintains digestive & respiratory health & overall well-being � Complements fibre-based diets � 100% natural ingredients � 1 sack lasts 5 - 11 weeks
Dodson and Horrell Ultimate Balancer 20kg Dodson and Horrell Ultimate Balancer 20kg
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Ultimate Balancer is a high specification feed balancer, delivering optimum nutrition and an array of important benefits to the horse�s diet. The formulation of Ultimate Balancer ensures that it is suitable for all types of horses and ponies and the flexibility of the product means that the feeding rates can be adjusted to suit every horse�s individual needs. * Can be fed as sole concentrate or ad…
Outshine Outshine
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Outshine is an extruded nugget that combines oils from soya and linseed with supporting nutrients, including important anti-oxidants, plus super fibres and Digest Plus prebiotic to produce a high oil supplement which can be fed to promote weight gain or stamina or simply outstanding coat shine. Soya oil is rich in Omega 6 fatty acids whilst linseed is an excellent source of Omega 3 so Baileys Outs…
Spillers Lite&Lean Balancer Spillers Lite&Lean Balancer
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Spillers Lite Balancer 20kg - Horse Feed (Size: 20 kg) �Equine Feed Balancer �Suitable for Good Doers & Those Prone to Laminitis �Whole Cereal Free �Non-Heating Formulation �Rich in Vitamins & Minerals Spillers Lite Balancer contains excellent protien sources rich in essential amino acids often lacking in restricted rations for overweight horses and ponies and is formulated with live probiotic yea…
Spillers Original Multi Balancer Spillers Original Multi Balancer
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Spillers Original Balancer 20kg - Horse Feed (Size: 20 kg) �Equine Feed Balancer �Whole Cereal Free �Non-Heating Formulation �Rich in Vitamins & Minerals �Feed with Compound Feed or Forage Only Diets Spillers Original Balancer also contains a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals to balance the diet and provide optimum nutrition, Glucosamine to support joint health, magnesium for its calmin…
Spillers Performance Balancer Spillers Performance Balancer
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Spillers Performance Balancer Suitable for all competition and race horses to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets. Contains excellent protein sources rich in essential amino acids to support muscle tone, repair and topline. Formulated with live probiotic yeast and MOS (manna oligosaccharide) to support digestive health.
Spillers Supple & Senior Balancer Spillers Supple & Senior Balancer
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A balancer can be added to your horse or ponies diet when less than the recommended ration of compound feed is being fed. Suitable for all senior horses and ponies to be fed alongside compound feed or forage only diets. Whole cereal free, low starch non-heating formulation. Contains excellent protein sources rich in essential amino acids to support muscle tone and topline. Glucosamine is included…
Top Spec Anti Lam Top Spec Anti Lam
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TopSpec AntiLam Designed to provide nutritional support for those prone to, being treated for, or recovering from laminitis, TopSpec AntiLam is one of our best sellers. Most overweight ponies, and some overweight horses, are susceptible to laminitis. TopSpec AntiLam is a pelleted product, it looks like a balancer, is fed at the same rate as a balancer, but it is not a balancer. TopSpec AntiLam is…
Top Spec Cool Balancer Top Spec Cool Balancer
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Cool Balancer is designed for horses and ponies that need extra topline and condition and that are in light to medium work. Cool Balancer is a ‘Non-Heating,’ cereal-grain-free formula; with low levels of sugar and starch, plus good quality protein to promote topline.
Top Spec Feed Balancer Top Spec Feed Balancer
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TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer TopSpec Comprehensive Feed Balancer is a very palatable �non-heating� pelleted concentrate that contains no cereal grains and only low levels of sugar and starch. It does contain several supplements combined with a feed designed to promote muscle development and function. A top-specification broad-spectrum supplement is backed up by others including a superb hoo…
Top Spec Lite Top Spec Lite
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TopSpec Lite Feed Balancer TopSpec Lite is designed for horses and ponies that need their weight controlled; they are usually good-doers and may be overweight. These are the horses and ponies for whom every single calorie counts, and we do not believe you will find a lower calorie feed balancer anywhere. Lite is a �Non-Heating,� cereal-grain-free, formula; with low levels of starch and sugar, and…
Top Spec Senior Balancer Top Spec Senior Balancer
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TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer TopSpec Senior Feed Balancer is designed for elderly horses that have reduced mobility. It combines the benefits of a feed balancer and a joint supplement. Highly cost-effective. It is the first and only feed balancer to include the scientifically recommended rate of glucosamine to help maintain mobility. This rate is 10 grams of glucosamine/500kg horse/day. TopSpec Se…


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