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Welcome to J & R Tremain’s Supplements category.

We aim to stock all kinds of Equine Supplements to keep your horse in tip-top condition.

Take the hassle out of shopping for your Horse or Pony by ordering from us online. No need to carry those large items etc. from the shops; we can deliver straight to your door.

We cater for all budgets by stocking big name brands such as NAF, Equine America, Dodson & Horrelletc. as well as other brands offering quality and value.

Our product range is constantly developing, please subscribe to our Newsletter to keep up to date with our new products. We welcome customers contacting us using the contact us page of the website and would be happy to provide any product you require.

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Apple Lytes Apple Lytes
£15.75 - £47.85
Out of stock
Apple Lytes is a salt-based product which can be added to the feed on a daily basis. For high level competition and endurance events, Apple Lytes is also available in a handy syringe for instant replenishment of electrolytes. Electrolytes should not be fed to a dehydrated horse - always ensure water has been ingested first, and that the horse has recovered from exercise.
Buteless High Strength Buteless High Strength
£19.50 - £66.80
Available to order
Buteless� High Strength A Powerful Natural Alternative Buteless� High Strength is a natural and palatable formulation containing botanical extracts, providing a powerful natural alternativ that can be used in the short or long term with out concerns of side effects. Buteless� High Strength can be used alone or in combination with Cortaflex for long-term concerns or for additional support for the o…
D-Tox D-Tox
Available to order
D Tox A totally unique antioxidant complex to support equine health when compromised by toxin overload.
Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare Dodson & Horrell Stroppy Mare
£12.95 - £23.20
Available to order
Stroppy Mare utilises a blend of soothing herbs which help to nutritionally support mares with hormonal related behavioural problems. Hormonal changes can be a major influence in the onset of behavioural problems for mares. When a mare is season she can become difficult to handle making management and riding a problem. Ingredients: Poppy Petals, Raspberry Leaves, Chamomile, Vervain, St John�s Wort…
Dodson and Horrell Mobility Mix Dodson and Horrell Mobility Mix
£13.50 - £32.00
Available to order
Mobility is a special blend of herbs for the nutritional support of joints and muscles and has been prepared for horses and ponies prone to stiffness and mobility problems. Obviously taking the right precautions during exercise can help reduce the adverse effects, however some horses are naturally predisposed to conditions such as arthritis. Also, as a horse ages, general stiffness is often eviden…
Dodson and Horrell Placid Dodson and Horrell Placid
£12.50 - £50.00
Available to order
Dodson & Horrell Placid contains chamomile along with a blend of herbs that are known for their calming effects as well as their support for the nervous system. Dodson & Horrell Placid is nutritional support for horses and ponies prone to excitability and nervousness. Dodson & Horrell placid is available as a dried herb or liquid.
Dodson and Horrell Soya Oil 5L Dodson and Horrell Soya Oil 5L
3 in stock
Doson and Horrell Soya Oil provides slow release energy helping to improve stamina and promote a healthy glossy coat
Dye-Retic 946ml Dye-Retic 946ml
Available to order
Dye-Retic is used to encourage a healthy balance of fluid within the body and promote healthy kidney function. Dye Retic can be used on a weekly basis to reduce fluid retention and increase kidney function or prior to competition to reduce weight. Products such as this should be used with caution, and not used on pregnant mares or as a daily supplement unless recommended by a veterinary surgeon. D…
Electro Salts Electro Salts
3 in stock
Electro Salts Plasma salts in the correct balance.
Equine America So Kalm Plus Equine America So Kalm Plus
Manufacturer: Equine America All horses have some degree of nervousness while being prepared for and during exercise or competition. Some are so highly strung that they "wash out" before competition , preventing them from giving their best. The amino acids, premium grade magnesium and Vitamin B1 in So Kalm Plus will relax your horse without removing the edge required for competition. So Kalm Plus…
Equine America Vita Biotic Equine America Vita Biotic
Vita-Biotic is specially formulated to provide - in a super concentrated form - the essential vitamins and minerals that your horse or pony needs, and which may be lacking in their normal diet. Additionally, Vita-Biotic contains highly effective probiotics and powerful anti-oxidants, as well as the very best ingredients to support bone, hoof and muscle tissue, enrish the blood and benefit the circ…
Equine Cortaflex Powder Equine Cortaflex Powder
Available to order
Cortaflex� Powder Regular Cortaflex� Powder It�s never too soon! Fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, Cortaflex� Powder economically and effectively supports and maintains healthy joints for each and every horse and pony throughout their life.
Global Herbs Acid X Global Herbs Acid X
Acid-X is a premium gastric soothing formula. This unique blend of high-quality herbs help to maintain normal acid levels and stomach function. Acid-X helps to maintain a stable stomach lining and assists with food utilisation which allows horses to take in food more comfortably and safely. Can be used all year round for ongoing suppor
Global Herbs Alphabute Super Global Herbs Alphabute Super
£11.90 - £39.90
AlphaBute Super is a fast-acting, soothing supplement that aids the body’s natural recovery process. This specially formulated herbal blend provides extra comfort for muscles, joints, backs and tendons. Can be used for any part of the body that requires additional support. AlphaBute Super is free from Penylbutazone and Devil’s Claw. Suita
Global Herbs Fly Free Global Herbs Fly Free
£14.90 - £28.50
FLY FREE The one and only anti-fly feed supplement Saves time, effort and money and helps your horse have a wonderful and enjoyable summer. FlyFree provides a traditional, unique and powerful way to help horses tolerate flies. The plants in FlyFree are digested and pass through to the skin where they make life much more comfortable for your horse. Gone are the days when all the choice you have is…
Global Herbs Frisky Mare Plus Global Herbs Frisky Mare Plus
Frisky Mare Plus For mares that you think are ‘hormonal’ This blend is traditionally used to help maintain balance & comfort in the reproductive system of mares during the breeding season or at any time of year. It is particularly useful when owners worry about oestrus. Such supplementation may be appropriate when owners find it difficult to cope with behavioural changes
Global Herbs Gut Support Global Herbs Gut Support
£24.50 - £47.50
Gut Support is a sophisticated prebiotic herbal supplement which encourages healthy digestion, normal droppings and appetite. This unique formula is quick-acting and helps to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in the bowels. Gut Support is a concentrated formula that can be fed routinely everyday
Global Herbs Super Calm Global Herbs Super Calm
SuperCalm Super calming SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse, whilst providing the best nutrition for natural living, fitness and strong body defences. It is possibly the most effective supplement in its class and helps the horse manage stress and worry by utilising effective tropical herbal nutrition. It also contains sufficient magnesium and potassium to address correct mineral…
Global Herbs SuperCalm Liquid Global Herbs SuperCalm Liquid
SuperCalm Liquid SuperCalm maintains a relaxed and easy to manage horse, whilst providing the best nutrition for natural living, fitness and strong body defenses It is possibly the most effective supplement in its class and helps the horse manage stress and worry by utilising effective tropical herbal nutrition. It works quickly within 2-3 days and this special liquid formula is palatable, quickly…
Global Herbs Turmeric Global Herbs Turmeric
Turmeric is a popular spice commonly used to give support to digestion, skin and joints. Contains an average of 3% curcumin and 3% cracked black pepper to aid maximum absorption. We also recommend to feed with Global Herbs Flax Oil for optimum results.
Hoof Power Plus Hoof Power Plus
£25.25 - £44.50
Available to order
Increase growth and improve the condition of the hooves.
Lincoln Flax Oil Lincoln Flax Oil
8 in stock
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