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Dodson & Horrell Layer Pellets Dodson & Horrell Layer Pellets
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Dodson & Horrell Layer Pellets Suitable for all types of hen from point of lay to depletion. Layers Pellets are also suitable for laying ducks and bantams. Contains optimum levels of essential fatty and amino acids for good egg size, with calcium and phosphorus to help promote good shell strength. Also contains natural pigments Lutein and Zeaxathin (from marigold and maize extracts) and Citranaxan…
Net Tex Scaly Legs Net Tex Scaly Legs
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Net Tex Scaly Leg Spray Scaly Legs is a disease caused by a parasitic mite (known as cnemidocoptes mutans) that burrows under the scales of the legs or feet, where it causes great irritation. This results in a multiplication of the tissue cells and the secretion of the serum. The scales are raised, and the legs become thickened and have a rough lumpy appearance. The disease is easily recognised as…
Wrenns Layer Pellets Wrenns Layer Pellets
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