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 Lincoln Clipper Oil 150gm Lincoln Clipper Oil 150gm
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Lincoln Clipper Oil A fine lubricating oil in aerosol form for use with all types of clippers. Ozone friendly.
Biotal Biofresh Biotal Biofresh sale
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BIOFRESH Biofresh A unique anti-ammonia treatment for stables.
Equi-Ping Equi-Ping
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Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and only comes into play if the horse panics for some reason and pulls back sharply. Equi-Ping is designed to 'ping' open at this point helping to minimise potentially serious injuries if the horse continues…
H2go Bag H2go Bag new
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A problem solver for the equestrian market! A way of transporting up to 80 litres of water in a wheel barrow where there is no hosepipe available. Designed with a fitted spout making it easy to pour and a cap which is permanently attached. Comes with a non slip mat to place in the bottom of the wheel barrow.
Hoof-it Quick Clip(x2) Hoof-it Quick Clip(x2)
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Hoof It Quick Clip. An ingenious quick release tether for use in stable or field. Elasticated to allow 'give'. Secure, yet released by a simple tug.
Lincoln Stable Bucket 3 Gal Lincoln Stable Bucket 3 Gal
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Stable Bucket 3 gallon capacity with pouring lip and handle.
RACO Pre-Baited Mouse Station RACO Pre-Baited Mouse Station
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The RACO Force Pre-baited mouse station will attract and control mice very fast and effectively. The secure mouse bait station is uniquely produced with 12x internal securing pins to ensure that there is no possibility of the bait being knocked or prised out of the station. Each bait station contains highly attractive paste bait together with a strong brodifacoum poison. The RACO Force Pre-baited…
RACO Pre-Baited Rat Station RACO Pre-Baited Rat Station
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The RACO Pre-baited rat station is the first reusable bait station on the UK market. The Bait station is cleverly designed to securely fasten all types of rodent baits and present them attractively to rodents. Safety is paramount and no child or pet can come into contact with the poisons. The bait station is equipped with its own key to securely lock or open it. A baiting rod is also included to p…
RACO Rat & Mouse Killer (DIFE BLOCK) 15 x 20g bait blocks RACO Rat & Mouse Killer (DIFE BLOCK) 15 x 20g bait blocks
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RACO Dife Bait Blocks kill rats and mice indoors and outdoors. A highly attractive and compressed bait block produced with up to 15 different cereals and attractants making it irresistible to rodents. The blocks are produced with defined ‘nibble edges’ that encourage feeding and ensure they eat their lethal dose fast. The RACO blocks have been designed with a hole through the centre so that they c…
RACO Rat & Mouse Killer (wholegrain) 100g pack RACO Rat & Mouse Killer (wholegrain) 100g pack
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The RACO 100gm Rat & Mouse Bait Packs might be small but deliver a deadly strong punch. Each pack is filled with highly attractive whole grains coated with a strong attractant highly alluring to rodents ensuring fast and effective control. Simply take a RACO bait pack and place securely where rats and mice are feeding / along runways or where there are signs of activity and leave the bait pack to…
Stubbs Stable Mate Manure Collector & Rake / Long Handle Stubbs Stable Mate Manure Collector & Rake / Long Handle
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STABLEMATE MANURE COLLECTOR WITH NEW SCRAPER RAKE WITH LONG HANDLE A clean & easy method of removing droppings from stable box or yard. Available in black green and blue plastic with long metal handle and rake. 80cm high. With new scraper rake.


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