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Special Diet

Allen & Page Cool & Collected Allen & Page Cool & Collected
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Allen & Page Cool & Collected Ideal for dressage, Pony Club, riding clubs, sponsored rides, hacking or anywhere you need a calm and composed horse or pony. •Barley & Molasses Free – low starch, low sugar •For horses and ponies in light to medium work •Ideal for horses and ponies that suffer from feed related behaviour issues •Contains Ceregest GLC 1, a unique pre & probiotic blend for Gut Loving C…
Allen & Page Fast Fibre Allen & Page Fast Fibre
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�Suitable for all horses and ponies. �Takes just 30 � 60 seconds to soak. �Very high fibre, low starch, low sugar. Fast Fibre is also barley and molasses free and is ideal for the good doer or for horses who tend to be hyper even on low energy feeds. Fast Fibre is also particularly useful for horses with dental problems as it can be used as a partial or complete hay replacer if necessary. Also sui…
Allen & Page Ride & Relax Allen & Page Ride & Relax
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Ride & Relax is a light, muesli mix for horses at rest or in light to medium work. Suitable for horses with an intolerance to barley, molasses or alfalfa. Ideal for horses which tend to get excited even on low energy mixes. Fortified with Omega 3 and 6 oils for better all-round health and fantastic skin and coat condition. Ride & Relax is an excellent source of slow-release energy for all types of…
Allen & Page Soothe & Gain Allen & Page Soothe & Gain
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Soothe & Gain is suitable for . . . Horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers Poor doers struggling to gain and/or maintain weight Horses requiring a higher calorie level that also need a low starch and sugar diet Horses with intolerances to barley, molasses, alfalfa and/or soya Key features of Soothe & Gain. . . Suitable for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers A high calorie/energy feed – D…
Allen & Page Veteran Vitality Allen & Page Veteran Vitality
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Allen & Page  Veteran Vitality •Soaks in just 3 minutes to form an easy to eat soft mash •Linseed is included as a source of Omega 3 fatty acids to support mobility •Suitable for horses and ponies at rest or those in light to medium work Veteran Vitality has been specially formulated for horses and ponies from the first signs of ageing. Part of the Barley & Molasses Free Range Veteran Vitality is…
Badminton Fibre Beet Badminton Fibre Beet
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Badminton Speciality Feeds Fibre-Beet - Natural super fibre liquid diet. - Speedi-Beet with added alfalfa. - Unique pellet lozenge which rapidly absorbs water. - Ideal soft feed for recovering veterans horses and ponies with poor teeth. - Ideal source of fibre for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. - Added Biotin for maintaining hoof integrity. - Recommended by The Laminitis Trust.
Baileys No 14 Lo-Cal Baileys No 14 Lo-Cal
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Lo-Cal balancer is a nutrient dense pellet containing all a horse or pony needs for health and well being but with a minimal carbohydrate (calorie) content. Its quality protein provides the essential amino acids required to build and repair muscle and other tissues whilst Yea Sacc1026 stimulates fibre digesting bacteria, helping to improve gut efficiency. The superior vitamin and mineral content p…
Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets Baileys Fibre Plus Nuggets
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Badminton Speciality Feeds Fibre Plus Nuggets Fibre Plus Nuggets provide an alternative, especially after our hot dry summer. Why not email us with your name and address to get a free sample. Just go to the Contact Us page and email from there. - Low energy, high digestible fibre nugget. - Low in starch and sugar. - Can be used as a partial hay replacer. - No added vitamins and minerals. - Ideal f…
Baileys No 1 Cereal Meal Baileys No 1 Cereal Meal
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The �original� non-heating conditioning feed, Cooked Cereal Meal was Baileys� foundation product and, although the formulation has been updated over the years, it remains as effective as ever. It is made exclusively from micronised wheat, a concentrated source of carbohydrate calories, made as digestible as possible through the meticulous cooking process. This maximises the chances of the starch c…
Baileys No 21 Ease&Excel Baileys No 21 Ease&Excel
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NEW SUITABLE FOR EQUINES PRONE TO GASTRIC ULCERS AS PART OF A BALANCED DIET Ease & Excel is ideal for promoting weight gain, maintaining condition and supporting performance in all horses and ponies requiring a low starch diet. The high fibre content is rich in superfibres, which are highly digestible and yield large amounts of slow release energy. The fibre sources are also high in the soluble fi…
Blue Chip Original Blue Chip Original
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The Trusted Feed Balancer � For all horses and ponies � Enhances condition. Temperament, topline, coat and hooves � Maintains digestive & respiratory health & overall well-being � Complements fibre-based diets � 100% natural ingredients � 1 sack lasts 5 - 11 weeks
D & H classic Fibre cubes D & H classic Fibre cubes
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High Fibre Nuts are a low calorie feed packed with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals, making it an ideal feed for horses and ponies at grass or in light work. Containing high levels of vitamins and minerals High Fibre Nuts guarantee that your horse is receiving a balanced and nutritious diet. High Fibre Nuts are suitable for laminitics
D & H Sure Grow D & H Sure Grow
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A scientifically formulated vitamin & mineral pellet for breeding stock of all ages Suregrow is a concentrated mineral, vitamin and protein pellet which provides all the necessary micronutrients that are important to a young horse. The high specification formulation means that it can be fed in low quantities to avoid the risk of your youngster becoming overweight.
Dengie Alfalfa Pellets Dengie Alfalfa Pellets
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Alfalfa pellets are a natural highly nutritious feed in a pelleted form. They supply 'slow releasing' energy in the form of highly digestible fibre, and provide good quality protein as well as a host of natural vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa is naturally low in sugar (water soluble carbohydrates) and Dengie Alfalfa Pellets, unlike many other cubes or mixes, are also unmolassed. In fact, they conta…
Dodson & Horrell Cush Care Condition Dodson & Horrell Cush Care Condition
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CushCare Condition CushCare Condition is a complementary feed for underweight horses that need a diet lower in starch and sugar. The benefits of CushCare Condition include: Essential amino acids which are the necessary building blocks for protein and are therefore important in the nutritional support of muscle cell maintenance and generation High in oil to provide calories without adding starch to…
Dodson & Horrell ERS Cubes Dodson & Horrell ERS Cubes
Available to order
ERS Pellets are a complementary feedingstuff specifically for adult horses and ponies in medium to hard work requiring a very low starch diet. ERS Pellets contain very low levels of starch, making them the ideal choice for horses that are in medium-hard work and prone to muscular disorders such as equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome (ERS). This syndrome encompasses all the various terms including tying…
Dodson & Horrell Fibre Performance Dodson & Horrell Fibre Performance
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The fibre based competition feed - a natural dust-free, fibre formulation which provides similar energy levels to our popular Competition Mix. Fibre Performance is formulated to ensure that muscular, hoof, coat, joint and immune health is supported with a patented blend of antioxidants and a comprehensive package of B vitamins. As well as being fortified with 28 vitamins and minerals and quality p…
Dodson & Horrell Health Mash Dodson & Horrell Health Mash
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Dodson & Horrell's Health Mash is an aromatic herbal mash supporting immune and digestive function. By adding warm water, it will awaken the naturally appetising herbal aroma of Health Mash and tempt even the fussiest of horses to prick their ears and look for their feed bowl. Health Mash is an extremely versatile feed, its non-heating properties mean it is suitable to be fed to most horses and po…
Dodson & Horrell Mare & Younstock Concentrate Dodson & Horrell Mare & Younstock Concentrate
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For Native & Warmblood mares, stallions & youngstock Muesli diet for yearlings and youngstock up to 3 years of age. Also suitable for broodmares in late gestation and lactation and working stallions.
Keep Calm Keep Calm
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Keep Calm is a fully balanced high fibre feed designed to provide non-heating energy to maintain condition, whilst helping encourage a calm temperament. Its unique combination of Speedi-Beet and soya hulls supplies a high proportion of easily digestible “superfibres” and, along with additional natural fibre sources, means the overall starch and sugar contents are kept remarkably low. With quality…
KeyFlow Pink Mash KeyFlow Pink Mash
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Brand new from Keyflow, Pink Mash™ is heaven for the hindgut •Add to the daily diet to support exceptional hind gut health •No added vitamins and minerals so safe to feed with any diet without risk of imbalance •Soaks in only 5-10 minutes - feed within 2 hours after soaking to ensure maximum benefit •Added micronised linseed •Contains high levels of Protexin® Probiotics to restore beneficial micro…


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