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Horse Treat Range

BaileysTasty Treats 5kg BaileysTasty Treats 5kg
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Tasty Treats Badminton Tasty Treats are an easy and convenient reward for your horse or pony. Horses just love them. - High in fibre. - Low in starch and sugar. - No vitamins and minerals to affect your horse`s dietary balance. - Delicious natural blend of essential oils.
Dodson & Horrell Equi-Bites Dodson & Horrell Equi-Bites
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Equi-Bites are a treat with a difference! Equi-Bites are fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals making them a healthy treat for leisure horses and ponies at grass or in work. With the added convenience of feeding straight from your hand Equi-Bites ensures your horse’s individual vitamin and mineral needs are met. Equi-Bites are an ideal way of providing your horse or pony with a source of e…
Justifi Blocks pack of 4 meadow blend Justifi Blocks pack of 4 meadow blend
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Complementary feed blocks for horses and ponies, ideal as partial forage replacement, as a treat or boredom buster, or to top up the daily diet. Feed from the ground or in a bucket and can also be soaked to feed moist. The nutritious fibre blocks are low in natural sugars and contain no additives or molasses. Suitable for horses in work or requiring extra calories from fibre and good for animals t…
Likit Holder Likit Holder
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With a strong colourful nylon rope, the Likit holder comes complete with a Likit to get you started. Hang in the stable to keep your horse amused for hours. Likit Ice is a pure 100% natural salt lick mined from the Himalayan Mountains.
Likit Holder Likit Holder
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Likit Holder The easiest way to start using Likits, this clever toy is designed to be hung in the stable and used in conjunction with a Likit. As your horse plays with the toy the Likit Holder will move, making them work harder for their reward.
LikitRefills LikitRefills
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Individual licks in a range of tasty flavours. For use with the Boredom Breaker and the Likit Holder
Likits Mulitpack (x3) Likits Mulitpack (x3)
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Likits The ever popular Likits in a multipack offering the most popular flavours.
Little Likit Multipack (X5) Little Likit Multipack (X5)
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Likit The ever popular Little Likits in a multipack offering the most popular flavours
NAF Appy Treats (1kg) NAF Appy Treats (1kg)
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NAF Appy Treats are natural and have been formulated combining only the best quality ingredients including real apple so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat. NAF Appy Treats are highly palatable to appeal to your horse. NAF Appy Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a training aid or simply to let him know how much you love him.…
NAF Minty Treats(1kg) NAF Minty Treats(1kg)
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Minty Treats NAF Minty Treats are 100% natural and have been formulated, combining only the best quality ingredients, including real peppermint so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat. NAF Minty Treats are highly palatable and smell delicious to appeal to both you and your horse. NAF Minty Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a…
Protexin Gut Lix Protexin Gut Lix
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Gut Lix is a new health lick containing essential salt and minerals that are vital to a horse or pony’s diet. It also contains Preplex® prebiotics to support their gut health and nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Using only the purest salt from Cheshire and a highly palatable apple flavour, Gut Lix contains no sugar or molasses so offers a healthier treat and helps avoid any unnecessary…
Stud Muffins Stud Muffins
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Stud Muffin horse treats are 100% hand made and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. These are the ultimate horse treats. "The Ultimate Horse Treat" lives up to its tagline-these soft cookies truly are the caviar of horse treats. Ingredients: cane molasses, whole wheat, oats, barley, corn, wheat bran, flax seed, water, salt, potassium sorbate. Guaranteed analysis: crude protein - max 10%, crude fat min -…
Uncle Jimmys Licky Thing Uncle Jimmys Licky Thing
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Premium refills made to fit all major treat holders. Not only are they a smart and economical choice, they are great tasting and packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for the horse's everyday needs. The mixed box contains: 2 x Apple, Peppermint, Molasses, Carrot, Cherry and Banana.


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